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writer's voice

What is Writer’s Voice?

The term ‘writer’s voice’ is thrown around a great deal. It is something that most writers spend a great deal of time trying to perfect, most literary agents are always on the lookout for and readers unwittingly seek to keep them reading. When literary agents are asked what it is that they are looking for […]

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show don't tell with Examples

What Does ‘Show Don’t Tell’ Actually Mean?

The term ‘show don’t tell‘  is thrown around a great deal, in fact, so much so, that it has become a bit of cliché, but, what does ‘show don’t tell’ actually mean? There are two ways to tell a story: By telling 1.You can either relate it to someone in second-hand narrative summary Or showing 2.You […]

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5 Signs Shouldn't be using a Prologue in your novel

5 Simple Signs That You Shouldn’t Be Using a Prologue

There are many instances when you can use a prologue in your novel, but make sure it isn’t for the wrong reasons. A prologue can work – take a look at our article here on when it’s ok to use a prologue, but it needs to be handled carefully. If not, this is usually where […]

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Blog Header - Finding Your Writer's Voice

7 Effective Ways to Develop Your Writer’s Voice

Some people say you either have it or you don’t. It’s elusive and intangible, but when it’s there you love it and when it isn’t, it can break a book. Writer’s voice is one of the hardest things to identify and equally one of the hardest things to, once you have identified it, translate to […]

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forward momentum in your writing

6 Essential Self-Editing Techniques That Will Pack Your Plot With Pace

One of the number one problems we see from writers is a plot that drags at crucial moments and doesn’t move forward in any particular direction. When you face this problem, you are lacking forward momentum in your writing. Rescuing a plot that lacks forward momentum and drags is a self-editing skill that, once mastered, […]

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Irresistible Opening Chapters For Your Novel

6 Steps To Making Your Opening Chapters Irresistible

“It just didn’t grab me,” will sound very familiar to anyone who has had a rejection from a literary agent. It is a bit of a stock phrase, but within it lies a great deal of truth. Your manuscript should grab and engage from the very beginning right through to the end and those opening […]

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